This script opens a web browser and allows selecting a geographic region on a map. It also provides some controls for specifying random traffic demand for different traffic modes. When clicking the 'Generate'-button, the simulation network for the selected area is built based on OSM data, random demand is generated and sumo-gui is started.

All files that make up the scenario are created in a subfolder of the working directory with the current timestamp (i.e. <SUMO_HOME>/tools/2016-09-30-10-00-00/). If you edit the network, you can use the script build.bat to rebuild the random demand.


python <SUMO_HOME>/tools/

The script will keep running so you can build multiple scenarios in your web-browser. Stop the script when you're done to free up the port again.


The script requires the environment variable SUMO_HOME to be set as explained here.