You should read the main page on netconvert before reading this.


Comments: A great source of networks and man-made infrastructure. However, infrastructure data and definitions are still changing which complicates import.

See also: Data/Scenarios/TAPASCologne - a complete scenario based on OSM and TAPAS


  • URL:
  • Area: city of Osnabrück
  • Demand data: not available
  • Extraction: netconvert --shapefile strassen -o --shapefile.street-id strShapeID -t frida.typ.xml --shapefile.type-id strTypID -v --proj "+proj=utm +ellps=bessel +units=m"

Comments: Not really applicable because the streets lack information about the number of lanes and the direction. Especially the second makes the converted network quite useless. Trying to use the option --shapefile.all-bidi solves the problem for inner-city roads but makes highway on/offramps bidirectional, too. The projection might be wrong as well, give --proj.utm a try.

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