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Building a scenario is a lot of work. If you have built a sumo scenario you can share (under a sufficiently open license), please Contact us.


A small-scale scenario based on the city of Bologna. The large roundabout can be found at 44.494554,11.314393. These scenarios were developed as part of the iTETRIS project. A publication on these scenarios was presented at SUMO Conference 2014: L. Bieker, D. Krajzewicz, A. Morra, C. Michelacci and F. Cartolano, "Traffic simulation for all: a real world traffic scenario from the city of Bologna", SUMO2014, p 19-26 Download: scenario Bologna *.zip files

Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST)#

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  • Publication: Lara CODECA, Raphael FRANK, Thomas ENGEL. December 2015. Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) Scenario: 24 Hours of Mobility for Vehicular Networking Research in Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC15).

Monaco SUMO Traffic (MoST)#

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  • Publication: L. Codeca, J. Härri, "Towards Multimodal Mobility Simulation of C-ITS: The Monaco SUMO Traffic Scenario" VNC 2017, IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference November 27-29, 2017, Torino, Italy.


ssnap_TapasCologne_0.1.gif The "TAPAS Cologne" simulation scenario describes the traffic within the city of Cologne, Germany for a whole day. The original demand data stems from TAPAS, a system which computes mobility wishes for an area population generated based on information about travelling habits of Germans and on information about the infrastructure of the area they live in.

More information about the system can be found within this publication on TAPAS. The original data was using a closed-source road network and was mapped onto one stemming from the OpenStreetMap project.

There is further information about TAPASCologne.

Further real-world scenarios#


The scenario is known to have lots of collisions due to unsafe traffic lights and some invalid junction definitions. Furthermore it is quite jammed

Synthetic scenarios#

Synthetic - or abstract - scenarios only resemble typical layouts of real-world junctions and arterials without mapping a very specific one. Some synthetic scenarios of the COLOMBO R&D project are examples of the German guideline RiLSA. They are described in D1.1 "Scenario Specifications and Required Modifications to Simulation Tools"(chapter 4).

Download: 4 RiLSA *.zip files