Sumo Modules

Module Purposes#

module submodule submodule purpose
foreign some imported modules (see Libraries Licenses)
mersenne system-independent random number generator
fontstash draws text in openGL
rtree rtree implementation
tcpip portable socket implementation
gui sumo-gui-specific windows and threads
guinetload derived from netload, these classes build guisim-classes instead of microsim-classes
guisim classes derived from microsim, extended by visualization and interaction methods
icons application icons (MS Windows)
microsim implementation of the micro simulation
actions output coupled to tls (rework! move to output?)
devices on-board devices (c2c, gsm)
logging value-passing classes (rework! move to utils?)
output generation of microsim-output
traffic_lights different traffic light algorithms and program switching
trigger classes changing the state of microsim-structures (rework)
netbuild building/preparation of SUMO-networks
netgen generate abstract networks
netload loads SUMO-networks for simulation, builds microsim classes
od2trips Import and conversion of O/D-matrices to trip definitions
polyconvert Import and conversion of named, colored, geometrical objects
router Base classes for routing applications
routing_df implementation of df-routing based on router-classes
routing_dua implementation of dua-routing based on router-classes
routing_jtr implementation of jtr-routing based on router-classes
utils sets of utility classes
common some helpers with different purposes used by all applications
distribution different distribution representations
foxtools extensions of the plain fox-toolkit
geom geometrical primitives in 2D (line, point, polygon)
gui sets of classes used by the gui
div Different helper classes
drawer Draw network structures, give them colors
events Events passed between gui-threads
globjects base class for objects that may be visualized and "touched" within the gui
images Icons and images used within the gui together with an allocating subsystem
tracker time-line visualization
windows Base for windows
importio helper for reading text files
iodevices output devices
options the options subsystem used by all applications
shapes named and colored geometry classes
xml xml-helper (basically a layer between the xerces-sax layer and sumo-applications)


module doxygen throw param remarks
microsim/output yes yes yes e2ol is completely broken and undocumented
netgen yes yes yes
od2trips yes yes yes
utils/gui/div yes yes yes
utils/importio yes yes yes
utils/iodevices yes yes yes
utils/options yes yes no
utils/xml yes yes no