SUMO Road Networks

netconvert allows a round-trip reimport of generated SUMO road networks. Use the option --sumo-net-file <FILE> for reading a SUMO road network, the shorter options --sumo-net <FILE> and --sumo <FILE> are synonymes. An example call:

netconvert --sumo-net-file -o

Note that in this case, both the read network ("") and the generated one ("") should be same besides the meta-information in the XML header.

Re-importing SUMO networks allows you to apply changes to an existing road network using additional XML-files. An example would be patching the type of a node.

prepare a file like this: patch.nod.xml :

    <node id="id_of_the_node_you_want_to_modify" type="right_before_left"/>

and patch the network like this:

netconvert --sumo-net-file --node-files patch.nod.xml -o