Generic parameters allow an arbitrary mapping of string keys to string values. They can be used for user-defined data storage but some key/value pairs also affect the simulation.

The following objects support the definition of custom parameters in their XML definitions:

  • Edge
  • Lane
  • Person
  • Vehicle
  • Stop
  • VehicleType
  • PoI
  • Polygon
  • Route
  • TrafficLight
  • ChargingStation
  • ParkingArea
  • Calibrator
  • Rerouter
  • VariableSpeedSign

Parameters support the following functionality

Some parameters are special and affect (or reflect) simulation behavior in the following ways:

Parameters are always defined as child elements of the respective object:

<vehicle id="v0" route="route0" depart="0">
  <param key="answer to everything" value="42"/>