Amitran Traffic Measures

The edge based Amitran output writes aggregated speed and flow values using the format defined in

Instantiating within the Simulation#

An edge based Amitran output is defined way within an additional file as following:

<edgeData id="<DETECTOR_ID>" type="amitran" period="<PERIOD>"
file="<OUTPUT_FILE>" \[vTypes="<LIST>"\] \[excludeEmpty="true"\]/\>
Attribute Name Value Type Description
id id (string) The id of the detector
file filename The path to the output file. The path may be relative.
period (alias freq) int (time) The aggregation period the values the detector collects shall be summed up. If not given, the whole time range between begin and end is aggregated
begin int (time) The time to start writing (intervals starting before this time are discarded). If not given, the simulation's begin is used.
end int (time) The time to end writing (intervals starting at or after this time are discarded). If not given the simulation's end is used.
vTypes string A space separated ist of vehicle types to collect data for. If not given, collect for all types.
excludeEmpty string (true, false, defaults) If set to true, edges/lanes which were not use by a vehicle during this period will not be written; default: false. If set to "defaults" default values for travel time and emissions depending on edge length and maximum speed get printed.

Generated Output#

<linkData xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
   <timeSlice startTime="0" duration="60000"/>
   <timeSlice startTime="60000" duration="60000">
       <link id="32" amount="2" averageSpeed="888"/>
       <link id="35" amount="2" averageSpeed="879"/>
       <link id="38" amount="4" averageSpeed="859"/>

Value Descriptions#

Name Type Description
startTime (simulation) milliseconds The first time step the values were collected in
duration (simulation) milliseconds Length of the data collection interval
link@id (edge) id The integer id of the reported edge
amount int number of vehicles entering the edge in the interval
speed 0.01 m/s average speed on the edge in the interval



  • Per default, all edges are written, even those on which no vehicle drove. It can be disabled setting the excludeEmpty attribute to true.
  • The interval end is the interval begin + aggregation time, meaning that values were collected within these steps excluding the end time itself. If the simulation ends before the last interval is over, the interval will be prunned.
  • The output file will be generated, does not have to exist earlier and will be overwritten if existing without any warning. The folder the output file shall be generated in must exist.
  • If you need only information about the network states during certain time periods, you may constraint generation of the dumps by giving attributes "begin="[,]+"" and "end="[,]+"". When at least one combination is given, dumps will be written only if an according begin/end-pair exists for the current time. This means, only those intervals will be saved for which begin[x]<=INTERVAL_END and end[x]>=INTERVAL_BEGIN. All dumps will cover the complete simulation if no values for begin/end are given.

See Also#

Seventh Framework Programme AMITRAN project This part of SUMO was developed, reworked, or extended within the project "AMITRAN", co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme.