On 2010-11-11 and 2010-11-12, a first workshop on SUMO was held. Please find below the slides shown during this time as well as a list of participants. Please note that the slides are not very verbose as they were meant to be the guideline for discussions. Thanks to the participants, this aim was achieved.

In the following time, we will address the discussed issues, by both consolidating the results of the talks as well as by posing solutions for the emerged issues.



Day 1#

Day 2#


  • Gunnar Flötterröd (EPFL)
  • Matthew Fullerton (TU München)
  • Björn Hendriks (TU BS)
  • Stefan Reichel (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Gernot Schröder (Bosch)
  • Björn Schünemann (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Christoph Sommer (Uni Erlangen)
  • Michael Behrisch (DLR-TS-VM)
  • Rita Cyganski (DLR-VF)
  • Jakob Erdmann (DLR-TS-VM)
  • Matthias Heinrichs (DLR-VF)
  • Daniel Krajzewicz (DLR-TS-VM)
  • Eric Nicolay (DLR-TS-A)
  • Andreas Richter (DLR-TS-A)
  • Peter Wagner (DLR-TS-VM)
  • Yun-Pang Wang (DLR-TS-VM)

Following Work#

Web Pages#


One of the topics discussed on last year SUMO workshop was the documentation and, in conjunction, the internet pages. Several years ago, we moved the documentation completely to the wiki, in the hope to have less effort on keeping it up-to-date. During the workshop - and earlier in fact - especially the wiki's entry page was criticized for being both ugly and too overloaded with information. As one of the workshop's result, we decided to set up a nice static entry page which allows to navigate further down with fewer clicks and which presents possibilities to navigate through SUMO documentation more easily.

Now, the new entry page is available at The navigation bar at the top points you to all the available support tools as trac, blog, etc. The links in the central area mainly point you to the according, old wiki sections.

The current version will be surely modified in the future. Any comments/advices/something on the contents and/or the presentation are highly welcome.