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Emergency Vehicle simulation

The simulation of emergency vehicles and their special rights is partially possible with SUMO. Additional capabilities are planned for the future.

  • Disregarding right-of-way and traffic lights: This is supported by using the TraCI 'speed mode' command to disable intersection related safety checks.
  • Exceeding the speed limit: This is supported by setting the vType-attribute speedFactor (a value of 1.5 allows driving with 150% of the road speed limit).
  • Driving in a virtual middle lane on a multi-lane road: This is supported by using the sublane model. The cooperative behavior of the surrounding traffic is not automatic and must be forced via TraCI commands.
  • Overtaking on the right: This is always permitted for vehicles with vClass="emergency"


The visualization of emergency vehicles is supported in SUMO-GUI. When setting the vType-attribute guiShape="emergency" a white vehicle with the international sign for first aid is drawn. Furthermore a police car will be drawn with vType-attribute guiShape="police" and a firebrigade with vType-attribute guiShape="firebrigade". When additionally setting the vType-attribute vClass="emergency" a blue flashing light will be drawn also.



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