Some people extended SUMO or built tools to make it more usable. Not all of these extensions have found its way to what we would call "SUMO core".

Within SUMO#

The following extensions became a core part of the SUMO package.

  • TraCI

    online interaction with the simulation

Included in the Distribution#

The following contributions are included in the package, but are less supported.

  • Cadyts

    a tool by Gunnar Flötteröd which adapts the simulate flows to the real flows in a known net

  • SUMOPy

    a tool by Joerg Schweizer supporting the whole SUMO toolchain with a GUI especially for demand modelling

  • LiSuM

    a middleware that couples LISA+ and SUMO to simulate real-world traffic light controllers and execute real-world traffic control software within SUMO.

  • SUMO Traffic Modeler

    a graphical user interface for defining high-level traffic for SUMO (obsolete)

External extensions#

The following extensions are managed and supported by other parties.

Demand Generators#

Scenario and Network Editors#

  • eWorld

    an application that allows to convert and enrich roads networks

  • Sumo2Unreal

    an importer for SUMO's .net.xml road network files into the Unreal Engine 4 environment.

Connections to Network Simulators#

  • Veins

    connects SUMO to OMNeT++

  • TraNS

    connects SUMO to ns-2

  • MOVE

    connects SUMO to ns-2

  • VSimRTI

    C2X environment connecting SUMO to different network and application simulators (OMNeT++ and JiST/SWANS)


  • TraaS

    A SOAP(webservice) interface for connecting and extending information via TraCI. Also a Java TraCI client library

  • ocit2SUMO

    Generate traffic light signal plans from OCIT® data

  • FLOW

    a framework for applying reinforcement learning and custom controllers to SUMO, developed at the University of California, Berkeley [1]

  • Webots

    coupling with a robot simulator

  • TETCOS NetSim

    supports VANET simulations by interfacing with SUMO

  • SumoNetVis

    A python library to render Sumo network files and trajectories with matplotlib or as an OBJ file.


    SUMO as a cloud service to build, run and analyze simulation scenarios, developed by the DLR spin-off company co4e GmbH


The following extensions exist or have existed, but their state is unclear.

  • iTranSIM

    extension by online-calibration using induction loop data by Tino Morenz

  • SmallMaps

    prunes road networks to a given boundary; by Andreas Florides


SUMOPlayer was removed in release 0.24.0. You should be able to use for the same task.